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The Rebel Trap by Lance Erlick

Title: The Rebel Trap
Series: Rebel #2
Author: Lance Erlick
Publication Date: October 1, 2014
Genre: YA Sci-Fi



Voices in 16-year-old Annabelle Scott’s head aren’t God or signs she’s going mad—yet. Despite being a Mech Warrior recruit, she rebels against her post-Second Civil War society by not only refusing to kill Morgan, a boy she’s attracted to, but also helping him escape.

Annabelle’s commander gives her auditory implants and contact cams for an undercover assignment to investigate her corrupt police captain. Morgan hacks the implants to plead for her help in freeing his brother. As a pawn in a bigger game, can she find a way to help Morgan and discover the link between an attempted assassination of her adoptive mom, the geek institute, and her police captain without falling into a trap, being exiled and separated from family, or getting herself and those she cares about killed?

The Rebel Trap was written as a standalone story, but also follows Annabelle’s adventures from The Rebel Within.

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 Lance Erlick grew up in various parts of the United States and Europe. He took to stories as his anchor and was inspired by his father’s engineering work on cutting-edge aerospace projects to look to the future. He studied creative writing at Northwestern University and University of Iowa.

He writes science fiction, dystopian and young adult stories and likes to explore the future implications of social and technological trends. He’s the author of The Rebel Within, The Rebel Trap, and Rebels Divided, three books in the Rebel series. In those stories, he flips traditional exploitation to explore the effects of a world that discriminates against males and the consequences of following conscience for those coming of age.

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Gabby, Angel of God by Greg Sandora

Book Genre: Supernatural Romance/Thriller
Publisher: Self-Published
Release Date: February 18, 2014

Gabby, Angel of God is a Supernatural Romance Thriller that feels like falling in love again! The story starts out with a young widower, Bo, raising two small children – in the time it takes for three heartbeats his life will change! Ride along as stunningly beautiful Gabby, takes this human man on the no-holds barred adventure of a lifetime! If you've ever lost a loved one this story is for you! A story of Peace, Love, Hope, Charity, and the strength of Faith, you'll love Gabby, Angel of God. Gabby, is not only gorgeous, she’s powerful, and able to take on forces that would make powerful armies turn and run for their lives. – Bo, during a visit to Bar Harbor, Maine encounters beautiful Gabby; quite accidentally, - she is not supposed to make him aware of her existence. His purity of spirit, kindness, and capacity for love has revealed her to him. Watch how easily he falls hopelessly in love with the beautiful creature. Gabby sparkles and shines with divine love, you'll be caught up in the magic in no time. Gabby Angel of God is a heart felt story filled with Adventure, Suspense, and Fantasy that your sure to love. Take the thrilling ride and experience Gabby for yourself.


I’m originally from the Portland, Maine area and lived and worked there for years before moving to Southwest Florida. I am currently working on the sequel to Jack Canon’s American Destiny – which will be titled Jack Canon Clean Sweep. The sequel will be available in about three months.

My Dad and Mom were artists, my father painted and my mother wrote poetry and loved to garden. Most Saturdays we loaded up the 1970 Chevy Impala to trek to a one man show somewhere or other. I took a different track graduating with a business degree; owning and operating an Award Winning Franchise Fitness Center. Currently a professional manager I am living in Florida with my beautiful wife and children, and following my passion.

Some of my other projects include a children’s book called Sammy the Sea Turtle – about an infant sea turtle taken from his nest the night he was to find his way to the sea. Sammy lives with the family until their son – the boy who took him, graduates from high school. On that day Sammy, backpack in tow – begins the long journey home.
My second project in the works involves angels – a man during a visit to Bar Harbor Maine encounters an angel; quite accidentally, he is told – she was not supposed to make him aware of her existence. Only three others have ever seen the real thing. Naturally he falls hopelessly in love with the beautiful creature.

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Book Review -- Gabby, Angel of God by Greg Sandora

Gabby, Angel of GodGabby, Angel of God by Greg Sandora
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I was provided with a digital copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

This was a book on faith and divinity in a different way. The book revolves around Bo, who's mourning from a recent grief. He is a widower and misses his wife awfully. Gabby is a beautiful and mesmerising angel who's on the earth with a mission - to battle evil and help people in distress and peril. As dainty and fragile as she seems, she is naturally made to be strong enough in order to handle evil as well as wage wars. When she enters Bo's life to help him, she helps Bo go back in time to speak to his wife. Gabby' wisdom also serves Bo to understand philosophical ideologies behind, life, death, loss, immortality and acceptance. Bo finds himself getting drawn towards Gabby, not paying heed to Gabby's warnings to not let himself fall in love with her.

The book has an interesting take on theological beliefs in the context of paranormal phenomena. The characterisation is handled fairly well - Gabby being an angel, doesn't come with human flaws. Although this is maybe argued as being idealist, but this is exactly what the author is trying to achieve - to portray a character that has the best understanding about spirituality and the ways of life. The points sometime seem slightly repetitive and looped, which might not appeal to the reader.

I would recommend this book to spiritually-inclined readers. There's a fair amount of portions in the book that deal with theology, divinity and faith. So it may not be suited for if it does fit with your belief principles and systems.

My rating for this book: 3 stars

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Book Review -- Claiming Carlos by Rachelle Ayala

Claiming Carlos (Sanchez Sisters, #2)Claiming Carlos by Rachelle Ayala
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I was provided with a digital copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

This peppy and racy romance story proved to be a great read. Choco is devoted to her responsibilities in life - her family's Filipino restaurant and her education. She hopes to have and run her own restaurant some day. She is caught in the frustrating loop of monotony that comes with daily life. Carlos is the head chef in the family restaurant and has been her loyal and best friend. Johnny Dee is a consultant who has been assigned the task of handling the expansion of her family's restaurant. He showers attention on Choco - exactly what Choco had been craving for. Choco lets herself get enchanted with Johnny's attention and before she realises it, she transforms herself into someone she doesn't recognise - leaving her hollow and crushed inside. She covers up her numbness inside and tries to go with the flow, but Carlos is having none of it. He hates to see what his friend has turned into, and he has had enough of being just her friend. He gets into the battle scene to claim the true Choco and her heart back. Does he succeed, is what the book takes us through.

I thoroughly loved the characterisation of the protagonists. Choco's helplessness and confusion, conjoined with Carlo's initial bewilderment and eventual determination have all been churned out well and served nice and warm by Ayala. The plot is pacy and keep's the reader's attention throughout. Being completely new to Filipino food and culture, I was pleasantly surprised when the book smoothly enlightened me on a lot of points about both. What is remarkable about the book is that neither the characters, nor their words are shallow at any point - the author doesn't make light of any situation in the book and brushes it off with cliche sentences. Instead she has carefully carved out the emotional dynamics in the different scenes throughout and the dialogues, thoughts and language are all used in sync with this.

I would definitely recommend this to lovers of romance and drama.

My rating for this book: 4 stars

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Book Review -- Winter Wolf by RJ Blain

Winter WolfWinter Wolf by R.J. Blain
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

A digital copy of this book was provided to me in exchange for an honest review.

The second installment in the Witch and Wolf series, Winter Wolf is an enjoyably multi-genre read. Having not read the first book in the series, Inquisitor, I was initially apprehensive about how well I would be able to follow this book. I ended up thoroughly loving it. The book was thoroughly gripping and kept my interest throughout.

The tale revolves around Nicole - a wizard, but a secretive and reluctant one at that. She has the power to control electricity. But she will be in massive and fatal trouble if the Inquisition finds out her secret.

The protagonist of Winter Wolf is Nicole, who's hiding a secret - she's a wizard. That means she can control electricity, and that if the Inquisition finds out who she is, she'll be executed. Struggling to make ends meet, she takes to acting. When a young guy dies right in her vicinity, she sets about finding what killed the man, and discovers that it's a deadly disease that could end up wiping out her entire race. She has the choice of either using her powers and facing the wrath of the Inquisition, or risk savaging the safety of her whole race.

It had multiple layers within one plot, all well handled. Nicole's predicament, the lurking danger and the action are all enjoyable. I liked the characterisation of Nicole and the internal conflicts that come with her. I am now keen on reading the first book, Inquisitor.

I would definitely recommend this book to lovers of paranormal adventure.

My rating for this book: 4 stars

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This post is part of a virtual book tour organized by Goddess Fish Promotions. One randomly drawn commenter will run a $25 Amazon/BN gift card via Rafflecopter. Click on the tour banner to see the other stops on the tour.

Kayli Winchester is a dirt-poor girl living out of a hotel, forced to be the parent for a drunken father and teenage brother who she’s desperate to keep in school. The only way she scrapes by is to utilize her one skill: pickpocketing. But even though she’s a thief she has a moral code: no kids or old ladies, only targets who can defend themselves. Not that they see her coming...

Thinking she’s been working under the radar, Kayli has no idea The Academy has been watching and taking notice. Now a team that needs her skill has offered her a way out of her predicament and it’s her last chance: work with them, or face jail time. Kayli resists at first, but slowly the boys reveal they can be trusted. With Marc, the straight man, Raven, the bad-boy Russian, Corey and Brandon the twins as different as night and day, and Axel their stoic leader, there’s a lot Kayli can learn from these Academy guys about living on the edge of the law. If only she can stay on the good side instead of the bad.

Especially when the job they offer her is more than any of them bargained for. After it’s done, the hunters have become the hunted and their target is now after Kayli. The Academy boys do their best to keep her hidden, but a thief like Kayli will never sit still for long.

Meet an all-new Academy team in Thief, the beginning of the Scarab Beetle series.


Enjoy an excerpt:

Men are brilliantly stupid.

For one thing, guys carry the most cash with them anywhere. Didn’t anyone ever tell them cash was dead?

I nestled myself in one of the side branches of Citadel Mall. I picked my way through a Claire’s but the lights were too bright reflecting off the sparkling plastic and crystals of the teeny bopper jewelry and handbags. I ducked into a shoe store where the lighting was dimmer and the window wasn’t as obstructed. Waiting was the hardest part.

My favorite place to find dumb guys with lots of cash was the mall. Always fairly crowded on a weekend; I could count on at least a couple of twenties for every wallet I temporarily borrowed.

I never kept all of it. Forty to sixty dollars at the most. Not enough to bother reporting to the cops. I didn’t mess with credit cards, or bother with selling ID cards. That’s the kind of crazy stuff that gets you sent to prison. I always left the wallets and the rest of the leftovers tucked away in the food court and on benches where management would see it and find the owner. That way, the people wouldn’t have to get new ID, which is a huge hassle.

And they never suspected a thing. All they saw when I accidentally bumped into them was batting eyelashes and as much cleavage as I could muster the absurdity to expose without dry heaving.

About the Author: C. L. Stone once lived in Charleston, SC, and currently lives among Cajuns. She writes about cute boys and uncomfortable situations, usually mixed together. You can email her at Sign up for email updates, get exclusive info on upcoming release dates, get notified when freebies are offered, and sometimes sneak peeks!

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Book Review -- The Vineyard by Michael Hurley

The VineyardThe Vineyard by Michael C. Hurley
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

A digital copy of this book was provided to me in exchange for an honest review.

This is a superb read about self-realisation, existentialism and facing life as it comes. Dory, Charlotte and Turner are three ladies who had been friends since their college days. They each are in different circumstances in their lives. Dory invites the other two to spend a summer at Martha's Vineyard. While Dory is at crossroads with her destiny, on the verge of having to take up the reins of her inheritance and family tradition, Charlotte has a very sinister solution to end her disappointments and depressions in life. Planning to end her life once and for all, she turns up at Martha's Vineyard hoping that the place will help her put her plan to effect. Turner, on the other hand, desperately needs an aim, direction and propulsion in her life, clinging on to her blog for sanity. They each happen to encounter the mysterious and enigmatic Enoch, or simply the "fisherman", as he is often referred to, in different ways. The encounter changes them all - in radically different ways.

The book was gripping and thoroughly absorbing. The opening shook me up - with Charlotte and the ashes. The effect continued throughout! The characters' have their own uncanny sense of living. The characterisation is remarkable. Be it Dory's reticence on taking up her family's matters in hand, or Turner's skepticism about how much good a "fisherman" can go, the author's writing brings to life the character's emotions. The book has a refreshingly original plot which is delivered deftly at a brilliant pace - neither dazingly fast nor achingly slow.

I would highly recommend this book to lovers of drama, existentialism and philosophical realism.

My rating for this book: 5 stars

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Book Review -- Thief by CL Stone

Thief (The Scarab Beetle, #1)Thief by C.L. Stone
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I was provided with a digital copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

The book revolves around Kayli Winchester, a girl hit hard by fate and life, and a group of boys she befriends. This was the first book I've read in The Academy series by the author. Kayli is a pick-pocket but a conscientious one at that. She does what she does to support her dad and kid brother. She follows her own code of principles about not picking money from children, old ladies or helpless victims. She gets the attention of a group of boys, who are all part of The Academy, living on the wrong side of law. They, in exchange for her skill, offer to help her hone her skills and teach her a trick or two of the trade. She meets with Axel, the leader of the gang, Marc, Brandon, Corey and Raven. They all ending up becoming more than friends. When Kayli is in danger, her new companions protect her, but do they succeed, and what befalls them all, is what the book takes us through.

It was hard to classify this book as mere adventure, for the characters have a lot of depth to them and there are many emotionally pulling moments. The characters are nice - the ones that stand out are Kayli, having been forced to stand up for herself and to hide her fears; Axel who is sure of himself; and Corey, who forms a foil for all the others in the group, as he is not someone who induces fear, but is in fact a sweet person. For a nice plot and theme, I felt that the book came loaded with a tad higher dose of explicit scenes, descriptions and violence, that perhaps stole away the many dimensions of the characters and the scenes. I would recommend this for a casual read, but be warned that not all pages are suitable for all readers.

My rating for this book: 3 stars

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Finish That Book: 5 Mindset Tips for Writers -- Tamara Branch

Your heart wants you to write. Your spirit is begging you to express yourself. You are bursting at the seams, with the desire to finish this THING you’ve been working on. I know how you feel. I’ve started so many writing projects. For years I would get really excited about writing my first book or first script. I would start with a bang and then life would get in the way. My thoughts were blocking me. My enthusiasm faded. My attention moved somewhere else. Sound familiar? Apparently, it’s not enough to just have a great idea. After years of starting and stopping, I changed my approach and finally wrote my first book and published it this year. Seriously, the best feeling.

Here are some of my productivity mindset tips to help you finally finish your book.

1. Let your passion lead the way. If you are not truly interested in what you are writing about, you are going to run out of steam. Write from the heart. It’s important to keep coming back to your center, what moves you, what excites you, what inspires you. Tell the story you want to tell. Create your world. Go on your journey. Always come back to the core purpose of what you are writing and why you are writing it. Keep your passion alive. That fire in you is the fuel you need to finish.
2. Make a commitment to yourself and to your project. You will finish your book when you make it important. Honor your dreams and you honor your life. Decide to complete what you start, period. How would you feel if you let this project and all of your other creative projects fall by the wayside? I asked myself that question years ago and I burst into tears. I remember listening to Dr. Wayne Dyer speak. He was talking about tapping into your creativity. He paused, looked at the audience and said, “Don’t die with your music still in you.” What a statement! I don’t want to die with my music still in me, do you?
3. Stop thinking so much. You can THINK yourself to death, ya know. Many writing projects have lost their life due to the over judging, over thinking, over analyzing activity of the writer. Less thinking — more writing. Schedule specific times to write and honor that time. Some days you’ll be in the flow, other days you won’t. Every time you sit down to write, you get closer to your personal victory.
4. Focus. Work on ONE creative project until it’s done.That’s how I finished my book.  Yes, you will have to resist the urge to jump around to 50 million other creative temptations. I did. It wasn’t easy. Writing can be frustrating and often times makes you want to run for the hills. Don’t run. Refresh. Renew. Refocus every day until you get there.
5. Take Breaks. Back away from the computer.Personally, I take a dance break every 25 minutes, when I’m writing, even if it’s for a minute or two. No stagnant energy allowed in the writer’s room. This is also a great way to infuse some extra joy into the process. A quick walk and stretch are also good to get the circulation going in your body and free up the mind to release more of it’s brilliance.

Cheers to finishing your book:-)

Tamara Branch is author of ITGIRL4LIFE: How to bring out your special something and so much more, available now on Amazon
For more info on Tamara, check out

The Vineyard -- Michael Hurley



Ten years after college, three very different women reunite for a summer on Martha’s Vineyard. As they come to grips with various challenges in their lives, an encounter with a reclusive fisherman threatens to change everything they believe about their world—and each other.


Book Excerpt:

It was a question that would never have occurred to her mother or to any of her mother’s friends. Of course she would marry Tripp Wallace, they would say—or wouldn’t say, rather, because the subject would never come up. But if they were asked, they would be pained to explain what was self-evident. He met all the necessary criteria. He was from a well-respected family. He had gone to the right schools, as had his father and grandfather and great-grandfather before him. He had the right friends who had gone to the same schools and traveled in the same small circles. He was accomplished at the right sports—sailing in summer and skiing in winter—and he knew how to say and do the right things at the right moment in a way that bore testament, along with his good looks, to an obvious breeding. He was tall and well-formed and not overly bright or bookish or moody or sensitive. He would love Dory with fraternal affection and a benign indifference that would immunize him from the terrible angst that afflicts the lovelorn. There would be affairs, perhaps, but he could be relied upon to keep them discreet and meaningless, and there would be no brooding or melancholy or naval gazing in the wake of their discovery. New love would falter and stumble as it invariably does, but the business of marriage would march on. There would be no mid-life forays into the wild unknown, because he was not a curious man. His life had followed a well-worn path thus far, and he would stick to that path without the danger of navigational error that comes from needless reflection. He would lead a good life, not a well-examined life, and thereby make it possible for Dory to do the same. He and Dory would produce tall, lithe, gorgeous, tow-headed children and grandchildren who, on their way to fulfilling their central role as heirs to the family’s fortune and curators of its legacy, would by their laughter and playfulness banish the awful silence that would otherwise creep into their marriage, like a pestilence.

Michael Hurley and his wife Susan live near Charleston, South Carolina. Born and raised in Baltimore, Michael holds a degree in English from the University of Maryland and law from St. Louis University.

The Prodigal, Michael’s debut novel from Ragbagger Press, received the Somerset Prize for mainstream fiction and numerous accolades in the trade press, including Publishers Weekly, Kirkus Reviews, ForeWord Reviews, BookTrib, Chanticleer Reviews, and IndieReader. It is currently in development for a feature film by producer Diane Sillan Isaacs. Michael’s second novel, The Vineyard, is due to be released by Ragbagger Press in December 2014.

Michael’s first book, Letters from the Woods, is a collection of wilderness-themed essays published by Ragbagger Press in 2005.  It was shortlisted for Book of the Year by ForeWord magazine.  In 2009, Michael embarked on a two-year, 2,200 mile solo sailing voyage that ended with the loss of his 32-foot sloop, the Gypsy Moon, in the Windward Passage between Cuba and Haiti in 2012. That voyage and the experiences that inspired him to set sail became the subject of his memoir, Once Upon A Gypsy Moon, published in 2013 by Hachette Book Group.

When he is not writing, Michael enjoys reading and relaxing with Susan on the porch of their rambling, one-hundred-year-old house.  His fondest pastimes are ocean sailing, playing piano and classical guitar, cooking, and keeping up with an energetic Irish terrier, Frodo Baggins.




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IT Girl for Life by Tamara Branch


Publisher: Heart Project Publishing

Release Date: June 2014 Buy Link(s):

bn link:

Book Description:

"YOU have IT. IT is the GREATNESS you were born with." - from the book

Writer, Artist and Speaker, Tamara Branch serves up 40 bite-sized chapters on how to build unshakable self-confidence, honor your life, and shine bright in the world, in ITGIRL4LIFE:How to bring out your special something and so much more. Get ready to fall in love with your own wisdom, beauty, and strength.



Author Bio:

Tamara Branch is a writer, artist, and speaker, on a mission to help girls unlock their brilliant potential. She's from New York, born and raised in the Bronx, and currently lives in Los Angeles, CA. (long version) Tamara Branch is from New York, born and raised in the Bronx. She is thrilled to share her first book release, ITGIRL4LIFE: How to bring out your special something and so much more. The book kicks off the ITGIRL4LIFE self-esteem movement to help empower girls to stand up, stand out and shine bright in the world. Tamara has worked as a professional model and actor for almost two decades. She strutted down the runway for designers Calvin Klein, Donna Karen and Christian Dior, acted in a few independent films, co-hosted PBS New York’s education series, “What’s up in Technology” and appeared T.V. commercials and print ads for Levi’s, Old Navy, Hershey’s, Colgate, Kellogg’s Special K, Revlon, Hanes, Nike and many others. A Penn State alumnus and lifelong student of personal development, Tamara is deeply passionate about uplifting the human spirit.

After graduating from Institute for Integrative Nutrition, studying under Deepak Chopra, Dr. Andrew Weil and some of the top health and wellness experts in the world, she was inspired to raise the bar on her own ‘self care’ and support others in living more vibrantly. She is an abstract artist and teaches a dynamic dance class, where she gets to fuse her varied background, having trained in everything from jazz, ballet and modern to Afro-Caribbean and Salsa. Tamara was recently asked to become a Female Visionary Author guest blogger for The Brave Heart Women Global Community. She's a SAG/AFTRA member since 1998, a member of Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators and is represented by Abrams Artists Agency. Tamara currently lives in Los Angeles, California, with her husband of seven years and offers ITGIRL4LIFE workshops to assist girls on their self empowerment journey. Her second book is due out next Spring. Stay tuned!  

Author Links -


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The Leopard Stratagem by T.A. Uner




Camus Scorpio, the vicious criminal overlord, who for years tormented the good merchants of Rome, is dead. His ruthless army of thugs and bloodthirsty killers wiped out by the avenging force of Tullus the Leopard King, the Leopardess Celestra, and their Troupe. But the victory is a costly one. Anna, Tullus’ lover, is dead, and her departure serves as an open wound to all her friends in the Troupe. Needing time to collect himself and continue developing his magical abilities, Tullus decides to seek out the wisdom of a reclusive wizard named Hradack, also known as the Leopard Master and a product of the Age of Paladins. In Rome Eliana becomes involved in political intrigue and finds herself caught up in a conspiracy involving a persecuted race called the Dryads. Decimus, now a prominent Centurion in the Praetorian Guard, is assigned to a new Roman Legion in Switzerland, where he faces the biggest challenge of his military career. As Tullus’ power in Elemence grows, he foresees a hideous plot by an unknown enemy called Serpentus, who has kidnapped his Troupe friends and is holding them hostage on the island of Capri. Unbeknownst to Tullus, Serpentus seeks revenge against the Leopard King and Celestra, and has armed himself with arcane powers. Under the tutelage of a fanatical cleric, Serpentus harbors plans of destroying the Leopard King and Celestra before embarking on a destructive path of conquest.




One/Unus A fierce gust of wind stung Tullus' face while Celestra fought to keep up with him. The cold had announced itself hours ago, imposing its arrival like an unwanted guest on the two dauntless travelers. Tullus' Leopard-print breeches had frozen to his legs and he wondered how much more of this cold he could endure. Thin, powder-white mist surrounded Tullus and Celestra. Around them a frozen wasteland devoid of life. Celestra growled her disdain: no doubt the Leopardess hadn’t encountered weather this cold during her lifetime. “I think we’re lost, Girl,” Tullus said. He pulled Vulcan’s map from his backpack and eyed it confusedly. Tullus squinted at the map’s handwriting, but could make nothing from it. The frozen haze made the map almost illegible. He summoned the Lucis spell and glanced at the map under the illumination of the yellow Lucis orb. After reading it for a few moments, he looked up and cursed; Celestra had disappeared. Now he could add her absence to his list of grievances. He called out to the Incantra but she did not respond. Tullus drew his cloak tighter across his chest. His boots were stiff and his feet were so cold he could barely move his toes, while his body felt like a stiff slab of meat that had been left out in the cold overnight. Celestra appeared in front of him, her spotted coat emerging from beneath the invisibility cloak of the Furtim spell. She growled. “What is it, Girl?” Celestra pointed her right front paw towards a dim outline of a cylindrical object in the distance. Tullus cast the Oculus spell and noticed it was a tower of some sort. It looked old, but still intact. He smiled for the first time in days–finally, a stroke of good luck had come their way. “Lead on, Girl.” They trudged on towards the tower as the fierce wind fought to claim them in its frozen grip. As the tower grew closer, Tullus eyed its oblong shape that twisted upwards toward the glacial sky, its exterior webbed in ice. They found a wooden door crusted in ice. Tullus tried opening the door but it was frozen. He summoned what Vigor he had left and threw his shoulder into it. After two attempts, and with Celestra’s added might, the door slammed open. Inside was dark. Tullus again cast the Lucis spell, and the glowing orb reappeared above his head, offering much needed light in addition to warmth. Tullus pulled the door back in and the howling winds deceased. It was still chilly inside; but for now they were safe from frozen death. A stone staircase spiraled upwards to a second level. Tullus and Celestra followed it. It ended in a stone landing which opened up into a large, shuttered, stone room containing a long, dusty table surrounded by wooden chairs. Tullus removed his backpack and slumped down in one of the chairs. Despite its careworn condition it supported his weight. Tullus surveyed the room. A pantry stood against one of the walls; next to it was an alcove where an old wooden sign was posted. The following words inscribed on it in gold Latin print: Outpost III: Home of the 14th Air Wing known as The Star falcons Commanded by Metux the Younger



T.A. Uner is a former Management Professional who spent over 15 years working for various fortune 50 companies listed on the New York Stock Exchange. An accomplished public speaker and event promoter, he is also a graduate of George Mason University, and holds a Bachelors degree in Speech Communication and History. A finalist in The 2010 Moonlight Mesa short fiction contest, his first short story, “The Banker’s Wife,” was published internationally in an anthology titled, Award Winning Tales. Mr. Uner lives in Virginia. He is the author of the Leopard King Saga and other works. He looks forward to more readers discovering the life-like characters that inhabit his stories.  


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Book Review -- IT Girl for Life by Tamara Branch

I was provided with a digital copy of this book in exchange for an honest opinion. 

IT Girl for Life is a wonderful read. Full of positivity and energy. The bite-sized lessons are easy to relate to and linger on in the mind long after one has closed the book. 

Starting from talking about self realisation and understanding who one really is, Branch moves on to other areas of emotional wellness such as making wise choices and making use of one's hidden talents and creativity. Then we look at my three favourite chapters from the book - which talk about ownership and responsibility, learning to be patient and tolerant, and the joy of giving. There are also chapters on topics that help women realise they are all beautiful, no matter what bodies they have. Then we look at how one can be self-reliant. We also get to read about meditation and how to keep one's mind calm. Branch sums up with chapters on being financially wise and exploring that entrepreneurial streak in all of us. 

This is a superb book for one's wallet at all times. I pick up and read a chapter now and then and the book never fails to motivate. Highly recommended! 

My rating for this book: 5 stars

Whispers by HK Savage

By- H.K. Savage
Genre- NA Romantic Paranormal Suspense
Publication Date- December 9th, 2014

“Your daughter is special”

Special, that was an interesting word for it. More like broken. Broken and scared she was losing her mind. Or maybe she’d already lost it. Thoughts, images, ideas that had no business in the mind of a child raced through her brain, taking over her consciousness until all she could do was shut down and let them run. There was no room for her. Maybe there wasn’t really a “her” underneath all the noise. The only thing that tethered her to her body, to the here and now was the pain. Careful always to hide the marks, Natalie relied on her knife to feel alive.

Sent to a college she couldn’t remember applying to on a scholarship she didn’t try for, Natalie clung to the hope that she could hide her madness from the family it was destroying. Alone at last she would finally have some modicum of peace, right?

Luka took the assignment reluctantly. In his Senior year, she was the last “special” student he would have to work with before heading off to intern and hopefully land the job, start the life his family had planned for him. The same one they wanted for his sister before she took her life.

Two broken souls with a rare ability in common, Luka and Natalie form a friendship that promises to heal them both until fate intervenes. Faced with a lie so great it threatens all Natalie has come to believe, she must make a choice: lie down and accept it or fight for those she loves.

Winter Wolf by RJ Blain


The Hunted Wizard
When Nicole dabbled in the occult, she lost it all: Her voice, her family, and her name. Now on the run from the Inquisition, she must prove to herself—and the world—that not all wizards are too dangerous to let live.
The savage murder of a bookstore employee throws Nicole into the middle of Inquisition business, like it or not. Driven by her inability to save the young man’s life, she decides to hunt the killer on her own. Using forbidden magic to investigate the past, she learns that the murderer is in fact a disease that could kill the entire werewolf race.
Forced to choose between saving lives and preserving her own, Nicole embraces the magic that sent her into exile. Without werewolves, the power of the Inquisition would dwindle, and she could live without being hunted.
Nicole’s only hope for success lies in the hands of the werewolves she hates and the Inquisition she fears, but finding someone to trust is only the beginning of her problems. There are those who want to ensure that the werewolves go extinct and that the Inquisition falls.
But, if she fails to find a cure, her family—including her twin sister—will perish…


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The Author

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RJ Blain suffers from a Moleskine journal obsession, a pen fixation, and a terrible tendency to pun without warning.

When she isn't playing pretend, she likes to think she's a cartographer and a sumi-e painter. In reality, she herds cats and a husband, and obeys the commands of Tsu Dhi, the great warrior fish.

In her spare time, she daydreams about being a spy. Should that fail, her contingency plan involves tying her best of enemies to spinning wheels and quoting James Bond villains until she is satisfied.

Favorite Books & Series

In no particular order:

Anne McCaffrey's Pern
Mercedes Lackey's Valdemar & Gryphon Series
Jim Butcher's Codex Alera
Brandon Sanderson's Elantris
Patricia Briggs' Alpha and Omega & Dragon Bones
Madeline L'Engle's A Wrinkle in Time


Faithless Serial by KB Nelson

Faithless Serial (Part 1-3) by K.B. Nelson
Publication date: December 2014
Genres: Contemporary, New Adult, Romance

She's a stripper. He's a preacher. Her name's Faith, and he's been faithless since the day she went away. 
Faith Richards knows she'll never be able to outrun her demons, but she's not looking for absolution. She's looking for release. When she's forced to return home by circumstances she'd rather not discuss, she runs straight to Noah. The only boy that could ever make her feel alive. The only boy who ever truly broke her heart. The only boy who could possibly save her from herself.

But Noah isn't a boy anymore... 
Noah Parker is a man torn, fighting to understand his place in this world after his latest run-in with tragedy. Everyone he's ever loved has left him, either on a greyhound bus or in a casket. He no longer believes the words he preaches and his life hangs in the balance of honesty. Reuniting with Faith might be the only thing that can save him, but based on their tumultuous history, it's more than likely it'll destroy him.

Faithless is the story of two broken people searching for the impossible: a love strong enough to put the pieces of their broken hearts back together. Their romance is forbidden. Their love is undeniable. Their lives hang in the balance. And when their world begins to burn to the ground, they'll be faced with one impossible decision: can they live with who they've become? 
Release Dates:
Part One - December 7th - Pre-Order Link -
Part Two - December 21st
Part Three - January 4th

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I grew up on a farm in Ohio, but that's not very interesting, is it? When I'm not writing you can find me doing one of two things; getting lost on highways or getting lost in the lives of fictional characters. If my heart had two feet, one foot would be in romance and the other solidly in geekdom. I hope you'll all follow me on my journey through this carnival they call life.I promise there will be a happy ending.

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Sunday, 23 November 2014

Book Review -- The Leopard Stratagem by T.A. Uner

The Leopard Stratagem (Leopard King Saga, #2)The Leopard Stratagem by T.A. Uner
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I was provided with a digital copy of this book in exchange for an honest revew.

The Leopard Stratagem is the second book in the Leopard King saga by TA Uner. This volume takes us further through the tale of Tullus, the Leopard King who has successfully conquered Scorpio. Tullus needs some time for emotional recuperation to overcome the grief of losing his beloved, owing to which he heads off to Elemence, whose master is Hradack. The latter's wisdom proves enlightening for Tullus as he braces himself for battling a fresh onslaught of enemies, who are all eager to overthrow him and Celestra.

I loved the first volume in this saga and the second one proves even better. The characterisation of the protagonist, Tullus, particularly has been handled remarkably well. Tullus has evolved mentally as a much better person, ruler and fighter and it shows through. The negative characters are also etched well - be it the hideos Serpentus or the vicious Scorpio in the first volume, the author had highlghted the venom in the characters pretty well, making them loathsome, exactly as how they should be. The pace of the book is easy and smooth. Given the fact that this book deals with a number of characters and turning points, pace was an important element to ensure the reader doesn't feel dazed, and it has been done just right.

I would definitely recommend this book to lovers of paranormal adventure and action, but I suggest that readers read The Leopard Vanguard first before picking this up, in order to truly relish the characterisation of the protagonist.

My Rating for this Book: 4.5 Stars

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Author Spotlight -- Linda Dawley

Magic Happens -- Guest Post by Linda Dawley

Excerpts from Wee Mac and Tooth Fairy by Linda Dawley

Reviews for Wee Mac and Tooth Fairy by Linda Dawley

Linda Dawley, born and raised in Canada, married a Kiwi and moved to New Zealand, via Australia. In New Zealand they continued the trend of shifting house at least once a year and Linda decided she needed a profession that could shift along with her. She turned to a long held desire to write and studied 'Applied Writing' with Northland Polytechnic. New Zealand's Learning Media School Journal, and the Australian School Magazine, are home to her first children's short stories. The Tooth Fairy's Mistake is her debut children's novel, and her second novel, Wee Mac, was released in 2014. She is completing work on the next two novels in the Tooth Fairy series.


Interview with Author Linda Dawley

How does a typical book get written in your world - what do you start with?
There is no typical way to write a book in my world. Sometimes I start with and idea, or a sentence that I like or even an incident that has happened that seems like it would make a good story. Then I work at it until it all unfolds. Usually the easiest part is starting.

How would you compare the protagonists of your books with yourself?
I suppose authors consciously or unconsciously write ourselves into the books at some point. I don't think it is confined to just the protagonist, bits and pieces come out in all the characters. I would like to be as courageous as some of my characters--I don't think I am.

How would you typically choose the names of your characters?
I try to find a name that fits the character of course, and that isn't always easy. Sometimes while writing, one character will call another by name--and it works. I often look at lists of names and see if any would fit my character, I try to have them all work together and not be too similar so I, or readers, have trouble keeping them straight.

What's that one Classic work that you wish had been written by you? #

That is a hard question--there are so many. The one that first comes to mind is Victor Hugo's, Jean Val Jean, a story of love, friendship, courage and compassion. I read it when in grade school and have always remembered it.
How would you deal with reviews?

I have appreciated the time and trouble readers take to comment on my work and am grateful to say that they have all been positive so far.
One of the greatest gifts I have been given was by a mother who told me her son, who doesn't like to read, everyday after school read The Tooth Fairy's Mistake, until he finished the book.
I was also recently told of a young lady, an avid reader, who has a pile of her favorite books by her bed: The Tooth Fairy's Mistake and Wee Mac are both residing with Roald Dahl and various other notable authors.

What's your favourite writing location?

I love writing and the beauty of being a writer, you can write anywhere. A pen and paper are the only tools you need and they can be with me at all times--and are. Mostly I write in my office at my desk. I love my office and have a collection of my favorite pictures, books and other items with me all the time.

What awesome books and projects are you working in at the moment?
I am excited about the Molly's further adventures in fairyland, and this time we learn more about Eddie the Elf and their friendship. The Tooth Fairy's Assistant is complete and almost ready to go to press--I anticipate it will be available early in the new year.
I have just about finished writing the third book in the series and I anticipate publication in the first half of 2015.

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