Saturday, 8 November 2014

Book Review -- The Leopard Vanguard by T.A. Uner

This book was provided to me in digital format as part of a promotional event, in exchange for an honest review. 

I can't help but begin by saying how alluring and haunting the book cover is. It gives a premonition of intrigue, adventure and possible danger, all at once. I loved the use of dark and looming colours and shades to add to the effect. The lighting from just one side lends a touch of mystery. The tall fonts give a grim blend to the book title as well.

This book takes us into the Roman era, through the life and journey of the bold protagonist, Tullus Acilius Ulixes. Tullus is a heroic Roman Centurion, who gets rewarded for his bravery in a battle with a promotion as the Praetorian Guard. Tullus tires of the greed and materialistic pursuits all around him, and gets turned down by the woman of his interest. A dejected Tullus' life takes a turn when he gets to meet Paullis and the enchanting leopardess Celestra. Stunned and surprised with his magic powers, he morphs into the Leopard King. The book further follows his adventures and moments of realisations. 

This book is certainly gripping and the characterisation is remarkable. Tullus experiences a lot of internal and emotional conflicts and the author captures the turmoil within very well. The author also beautifully weaves the support character set around Tullus, with each of them coming across as strong-headed individuals. The plot is pacy and keeps the reader hooked. The author deserves a rousing applause for having handled a multi-genre tale so well. The book has shades of fantasy, action, thrills and drama and they have all been put to very good use. 

The book is definitely one I would highly recommend and I'm eagerly looking forward to the second book in the series - The Leopard Stratagem

My Rating for this Book: 4 Stars

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