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Author Spotlight -- Killarney Sheffield


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Killarney Sheffield is an award-winning, multi-published author of 15 titles. She is a finalist of the “Epic Award” finalist, winner of the “P&E Award”, and a runner up of “The Great Romance Contest”.

Guilty Kisses- 2011 Covey Trailer winner, A Courtesan's Desires- 2012 YouGottaRead Cover award winner & 2013 Epic Ebook award finalist. Inventing Love- 2012 P&E best Steampunk winner. Love's Magic- 2013 The Great Romance Contest finalist. 
Current releases from Crimson Romance: Through Gypsy Eyes.
Current releases from BooksWeLove: The Cracksman's Kiss, Stand & Deliver Your Love, To Love A Horseguard, The Courtesan, Sprockets, Silks & Savages, Love's Lies.
Current releases from Assent Publishing: Love's Magic

Coming soon: Her Inner Goddess, Imram: A Story For Forever, From Rags to Romance & NEW The Cowboy Capers tween/teen series.

Interview with Author Killarney Sheffield

How does a typical book get written in your world - what do you start with? 

I start with the scene that inspired the book and then work my way from there. For instance with my one book Love's Magic I started with a magic scene in the middle of the book and went from there. With my book Through Gypsy Eyes I started right from the beginning. It just depends which scene I have in my head that inspired the actual story.

How would you compare the protagonists of your books with yourself? 

Well, it is true there is always a little bit of yourself in every book you write. A great example of that is in the very first book I ever wrote called The Cracksman's Kiss (formerly published as Guilty Kisses). There is a... lets just say 'motherhood' near disaster that actually happened to me with one of my kids. Also the heroine just keeps pushing forward despite everything thrown in her path. That's the anthem of my life!

How would you typically choose the names of your characters? 

Whatever name pops into my head I go with.

What's that one Classic work that you wish had been written by you? 

Beauty and the Beast. It was originally a fairy tale and it has always been my favorite.

How would you deal with reviews? 

I ignore the bad ones and promote the good ones. Life is too short to dwell on negatives.

What's your favourite writing location? 

Anywhere warm! LOL! I live in Canada and although our summers are nice the winters over here are bloody cold!

What awesome books and projects are you working in at the moment? 

I just signed a tween/teen/ya cowboy series so I am trying to finished the 3rd and 4th books in the series and I have a post apocalyptic romance I am polishing to sub somewhere as well as doing edits for a new historical romance due out this spring called Rags to Romance.

Guest Post by Author Killarney Sheffield

Writing through the Chaos

Hello, my name is Killarney Sheffield, I'm from Canada and in addition to being the mom of five crazy kids between the ages of 12 and 18 years I am also an award winning multi-published romance author, a horse trainer and rancher’s wife. How do I manage it all? I’m nuts. No seriously, it requires patience, great juggling skills and a family willing to pitch in when the going gets rough and I’m lucky enough to have such a family. My office is the living room, un-orthodox I know, but I found my own office to be more distracting than the chaos of everyday life. Why? Well, I’d rather be right there to answer, ‘Mom, where’s the toilet paper?’ rather than down the hall, kids screaming over the blaring TV and pounding on the door. Is it hard to write a romance novel with all the kids roaring through, arguing, banging dishes and flipping TV channels? You bet it is! Sometimes, ‘can you give mommy a minute’ turns into an hour and sometimes it turns into ‘for the love of God, go play outside for an hour please!’ Would I trade it all for a brilliant novel career? Yes, some days to be perfectly truthful, but in the long run? No way. One day the novels in me will all be written but my kids will still be there, hopefully with kids of their own.

I was at one of my daughter’s volleyball games one day and a fellow mom leaned over and asked if I was ‘that romance writer everyone in town was talking about’ (we live in a small farming community). When I said yes she giggled and glanced at my hubby. “Are you’re books all about him?” she asked. I nearly fell off the bench laughing. A ranch and five kids doesn’t leave much time or desire for romance. Maybe that’s why I pen them. To me romance is hubby actually throwing a load of laundry into the wash machine rather than on the floor beside it. Would I trade my life for one of my heroine’s ones in my books? Yes, to be perfectly truthful some days I would, but let’s face it, life is not a romance novel. I am content writing about every woman’s dream hero because I know in life there is no knight in shining armour. What is there? A fantastic dad who may not be perfect but he’s mine and he loves me no matter if my hairs a mess and I’ve forgotten what make up is.

I guess for me writing amid the chaos of a ranch and five kids is my little patch of heaven.

If you’d like to find out more about me and my books:

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Book Review -- Sprockets, Silk and Savages by Killarney Sheffield

I was provided with a digital copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

The story takes us through the journey and transformation of Alexandra Evans (Alex) from being a tomboyish Iron Woman - literally - to being an intellectual "lady". Alexandra Evans, daughter of a famous inventor, is sunk into her world of machining inventions. She is brilliant at her work, and knows it too. She has no time for frivolities and despises the stereotyped image that goes with her gender. Lord Weston Grendal is assigned on a mission to sign her up for a military task. They barely tolerate each other to begin with but Lord Grendal finds himself falling for her. Unbeknownst to both of them, the army general has sinister plans, to avert which they both need to forget their own motives and form an unlikely coalition. The only spoke in the wheel comes in the form of A-jin-nay, a Native American who ends up "owning" Alex. Whom Alex chooses, and how they all overcome the general's evil plans, form the rest of the book.

This historical romance is a lovely read! Alex takes the reader by surprise, hearteningly deviating from many run-of-the-mill characters that one comes across. Lord Grendal is endearing, with his seemingly stiff demeanour and a soft heart. A-jin-nay steals the scene many-a-time, with his crude words and yet, profound thoughts. The support characters, including the shy Private Nim, to the Native American camp, all prove remarkably memorable. I loved the narration and detailed description, bringing the historical settings and locales straight to the reader's eyes. The pace of the book is just about right. The ending is a tad predictable but still doesn't fail to make the reader sigh in relief that Alex chose what's right for her. 

I would certainly recommend this book to lovers of romance, historical fiction and adventure. 

My rating for this book: 4.5 stars

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Neverland Academy by Daelynn Quinn

Title: Neverland Academy
Author: Daelynn Quinn
Genre: YA
It was the worst day of Daphne’s life. Not only had her parents moved her from Atlanta to the middle of nowhere, but her boyfriend broke up with her in the middle of a crowded club and her parents grounded her for a month for sneaking out and stealing the BMW. All in one night! If she were back home in Atlanta it would be no problem. She could always find ways of getting around her punishments. But this was rural Georgia. And there was nowhere to go but woods and farmland. That is, until Finn showed up at her window.
Finn was the invincible mascot of Neverland Academy where Daphne’s brothers attended. For the five years since he’d been expelled from the all-boys boarding school, he lived in the old slave tunnels under the former antebellum plantation home. He and his band of outcast boys lived for pulling pranks on the school’s professors, and especially the headmaster, Byron Trappe, who had a personal vendetta against Finn.
Daphne grew to love life under the academy. But there was one problem. She was falling for Finn. Hard. She knew he didn’t want a relationship or anything that resembled growing up. But when the wall she built between them begins to crumble before her eyes, will she stay at the academy and face impending heartbreak? Or will she leave her heart behind and escape the dangers of criminal life, including a perilous encounter with the vengeful headmaster?


Author Bio

Daelynn Quinn was born and raised in southern Maryland where she spent her youth exploring and falling in love with nature in the woods behind her house. She graduated the University of Northern Colorado with a degree in dietetics, which she promptly abandoned to pursue writing. Daelynn’s writing is fast-paced and laced with current issues that concern her. Her first dystopian trilogy, Fall of Venus, focused on climate change and the role we as humans play in it. Her YA novel, Neverland Academy, delves into child abuse and negligence. Daelynn is excited to be commencing a new series, which will tear into the animal exploitation industries. While she is not reading or writing, Daelynn enjoys brainstorming while mowing her lawn, cooking healthy meals her kids refuse to eat, and watching old episodes of Mr. Bean with her three boys.


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